4th Class Tour to Fort Lucan

Last week, 4th class had an amazing day at Fort Lucan. With torrential rain before school, we were extremely lucky that it was only the water slides that had us getting soaked!

Have a look at some of the highlights in the video below and a huge thanks to Ms. Nevin, Caroline and Rachel for accompanying the classes and their teachers.

Question of the Week – Favourite Sports!

Four Sports, a lot of balls and stuff

We have a lot of sports days coming up over the next few weeks!

This week, we are asking you to guess some of the teachers’ favourite sports! Can you guess what is Mr. Vance’s, Ms. Kelly’s, Mr. Sheekey’s and Ms. Redden’s favourite sport is? Each person has only 1 favourite.

The first person to guess correctly wins a homework pass! Best of luck!