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Junior Infants Visit Greystones Fire Station

The children in Room 2 had a great visit to Greystones Fire Station Last Wednesday. Fire fighters Brian and Stephen and Fire Chief Ciarán showed us around the fire station. We saw two fire engines and lots of equipment. We saw the fire fighters’ kits in the muster room. We have been having a great time with our new Aistear theme – The Fire Station.IMG_9357IMG_9360IMG_9359IMG_9358IMG_9363PHOTO-2018-05-28-13-31-59IMG_9363

Almost 150 students competed in the Wicklow Track and Field Event on Tuesday May 15th. We came home with a plethora of medals! Our Tug-o-War teams especially were fantastic! A massive amount of time goes in to organising the day. Huge thanks to the class teachers who did the original qualifiers, to Mr. Flynn and Ms. Lambkin who were the main organisers and to the parents who helped out at which is at best a chaotic day! Without this donation of personal time we could not atend these events. Well done students on being fair, responsible and representing the school with such great sportsmanship.