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Céilí Mór – The Siege of Ennis

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As well as remembering the 1916 Easter Rising on Tuesday March 15th, all classes in St. Kevin’s will gather together in the hall and have a big céilí celebration! This year, we will be performing a very fun dance – the Siege of Ennis!

Watch the video and listen to the audio files below so that you can practice at home and be all prepared for the big day!



Siege of Ennis (Instruction)


Siege of Ennis (Calling)


Siege of Ennis (Music)

1916 Easter Rising Corner


2016 is a very important year in Ireland, as we remember the events of the Easter Rising 100 years ago. Classes in St. Kevin’s will be learning all about the Easter Rising over the next few weeks.

Take a look at the 1916 Easter Rising Corner at the top left of the blog. There are lots of fun things you can try and explore to learn even more about 1916. Here are some of the things you can click into;

  • A Virtual Tour – where you can explore Dublin city now and then through videos, photos and audio files
  • Songs and lyrics – practise, learn or just listen to songs written about the Rising
  • Videos – watch videos explaining all about what happened, including the people and the places
  • 1916 Easter Rising and Dublin Zoo – find out what happened to the animals of Dublin Zoo when the rebellion took place
  • 1916 Easter Rising…and Minecraft?! – watch some cool Minecraft videos of two of the most famous buildings where the Rising took place. Could you build them?

Let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy!


Food Dudes


FoodDudes arrived at St. Kevin’s last week and it is clear that General Junk is not welcome!

We have been eating a piece of fruit and a portion of vegetables everyday. It has been a lot of fun to taste all the different fruit and vegetables. Well done to all the St. Kevin’s Food Dudes. Let’s see if the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th will be just as good.

Take a look at some of the FoodDudes from Mr. Sheekey’s 1stclass. Keep an eye out to see if your class is on here next!

Question of the Week – ‘What’s the score…?!’


The P.E. hall in St. Kevin’s has been home to many fierce rivalries and competitions. None of these matches, however, have been more competitive than Mr. McNeice versus Mr. O’Neill in table tennis!

This week, we are asking you to watch the video below and guess what the final score of the match was for both Mr. McNeice and Mr. O’Neill!

You have until Friday morning of next week to enter. The student with the closest answer gets a night off written homework! Good luck everyone!

Exploring the Titanic! – 2nd class


Mr. McCarthy’s 2nd class have been exploring the Titanic in 3D! After researching and sketching their own rooms, they went on a digital scavenger hunt through the mighty ship. Check out the video of our time travelers in action below.

Oh! If you want to explore the Titanic in 3D yourself, click on the picture above. Happy exploring everyone!

Personal Shoebox Projects!

Ms.Murtagh’s class have been busy this month getting to know each other and having FUN! We each completed a “Personal Shoebox Project” which really helped us get to know more about each other’s special talents and histories. The project involved filling a shoebox with personal items and telling the class all about them. We realised that we are all unique but that we are similar and connected in many ways!

Check out the video to see parts of our projects.

5th Class Blog – A Day in the Life series

5th class now have their own personal class blog, containing loads of class news, videos and useful websites. Click onto to keep up to date with all our news!

We have also started a documentary series we like to call “A Day in the Life” with various characters we come across. Last week, we met two Celtic families, take a look and see what you think. Apologies for the sound qualities, we had some technical issues which we will have fixed by the next episode.