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Videos of children

The Choir go Bowling

The school choir had a special day out to reward them for all their hard work that they had put into singing at the communion and confirmation this year. They got the DART to Bray Bowl where they had a few games of bowling and a pizza party. They then had a quick play at the shore before catching the DART back to the school. Big thanks to Ms. Begg and Mr. O’Neill for organising such a wonderful choir and a great day out !

Greystones Trail

Ms. Murtagh’s class went on a Greystones Trail last week. Their first stop was at the post box at Brady’s to post their letters ( They wrote letters to people they admire and they really hope they get some replies. Fingers crossed! ). They then walked up Church Road to examine the natural and man made features there. They then turned down the lane way beside Jill’s playschool and headed over the train tracks by bridge and down to the harbour. They were lucky enough to catch sight of a flock of pigeons being released into the sky! The class examined some interesting shells and rocks and then visited Joe Sweeney’s for an icecream and a well earned rest. The weather was on their side and they had an excellent day out.

Taste Test



Ms.Murtagh’s class have been busy learning about the teeth and the tongue in Science. We experimented with our taste buds to find out if expensive food items taste better than their cheaper versions. In partners we chose a food and collected 3 different samples at 3 different prices. We set up tasting stations where other people were blindfolded before tasting our food samples. They had to rate the 3 samples in order of preference without knowing the prices. We recorded the results and presented the data collected on bar graphs. A fair test was extremely important in order to come to a fair conclusion. All food samples were measured accurately and a sip of water was had before each sample was tasted to cleanse the taste buds on the tongue. We tested a wide range of foods and drinks such as chocolate chip cookies, red peppers, sausages, strawberries, popcorn, orange juice, 7up, oranges, noodles, marshmallows, crisps etc. And we came to the conclusion that NO, the most expensive is NOT always the tastiest.