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Planting Marigolds in Room 3

We planted marigolds in room 3 and watched them grow! We could see the flowers begin to grow within a few weeks of planting them. Unfortunately, some of the marigolds did not grow. We decided to make a graph to show how many of the flowers grew. We counted 17 flowers that grew and 4 that did not grow. Have a look at us planting the seeds and making our graphs! FullSizeRender
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Science Fair 2015

The St. Kevin’s Science Fair took place today in the school hall.

All classes from Junior Infants to 6th Class took part and demonstrated their wonderful scientific skills.

There was a huge range of activities from controlling a robot on an iPad to an electric magic wand.

We hope all the classes enjoyed it. Thank you to both 6th classes for being such wonderful scientists.

Have a look at the video below to see just some of the activities and experiments that took place!


Senior Infants’ Easter Egg Hunt

Just before our Easter break, the four senior infant classes had an Easter Egg Hunt. With the help of Mr. McNeice’s 6th class, the students worked through the yard finding out how many animals they could find in the hope of getting a chocolate prize.

Well done to all the Senior Infant classes for doing so well and finding all the animals. We hope you enjoyed your prize at the end of it.