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Debating Extravaganza – Winners

Mr. Vance, Ms. Lambkin, Ms. Daly and Mr. McDonnell had the very tough job of judging our debates this year. After three excellent and closely fought debates, the following classes and debaters were chosen as the winners. Well done to everyone who took part! Check out some photos in the video below.

1st v 2nd ‘1st and 2nd Class should have a pet day’

Winning Class: 1st Class

Star Debater: Harry Molloy

3rd v 4th: ‘Greystones doesn’t need another fast food outlet’

 Winning Class: 4th Class

Star Debater: Lauren Walsh

5th v 6th: ‘Does the world need nuclear power?’

 Winning Class: 5th Class

Star Debaters: Sarah Doyle

Debating Extravaganza – Motions


Today is the big day! Children from 1st-6th classes will be debating in the hall in our second ever ‘Debating Extravaganza’.

Best of luck to all classes! Here are the motions for each class level:


  • 1st & 2nd: ‘1st and 2nd Class should have a pet day’ 
  • 3rd & 4th: ‘Greystones doesn’t need another fast food outlet’
  • 5th & 6th: ‘Does the world need nuclear power?’










Persuasive Writing – Debating Extravaganza

persuasiveChildren from all classes are currently learning about Persuasive Writing. Speakers from 1st-6th Class will be chosen to take part in our second ever ‘Debating Extravaganza’ in the hall next week. This was a great success last year! We will post updates, photos and videos over the coming days.

Debating is a great skill for all children to have as it encourages good voice projection and confidence in public speaking. We know that our pupils can be very persuasive when they want to be, both in school and at home! Good luck to all children taking part.


Friends Again At Last!

20151118_113341Spuddy and Grumble were great friends… Until their healthy rugby rivalry turned into something more serious!


MyCollage_5After allegations of bullying, Mr. McCarthy’s 2nd Class and Mr. Sheekey’s 1st Class got together to find out what really happened and to help them sort out their silly fight.

We are glad to report that Spuddy and Grumble have kissed and made up and are now back to being best buddies once again. They wrote letters to each other explaining what had really happened and apologised for being mean. Thank goodness for that!!MyCollage_4

We’re glad we nipped this in the bud because it could easily have turned into bullying! Remember to follow our ABC at all times.

St. Kevin’s ABC (Anti-Bullying Code)

  1. Stay calm & look confident
  2. Speak loudly and firmly
  3. Don’t be mean back
  4. Get away
  5. Tell an adult



Post from 1st Class

Mr. Sheekey’s class have been learning about the ‘double f’ and ‘double l’ sounds. Did you know, there are 8 teachers in St. Kevin’s that have either a ‘ll’ or a ‘ff’ in their name?!

We decided to write letters to these teachers to tell them that they are famous in Room 8. We had great fun writing letters together and we even got two letters back……from Ms. GriFFin and Mr. O’NeiLL!

Can you name any of the other teachers who might have been sent a letter?