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St. Kevin’s Awarded Plaque of Science and Maths Excellence

We are delighted to announce that St. Kevin’s has, once again, been awarded for the standards set in Science and Maths throughout the school.
All the students and teachers have worked exceptionally hard this year to bring Science and Maths together through exciting experiments (you can see most of these activities on the blog!) and they have been rewarded for their wonderful observation, scientific and mathematical skills.
Well done to everyone in the school for their great contribution and a particular thanks to all the teachers for making it possible!


Taste Test



Ms.Murtagh’s class have been busy learning about the teeth and the tongue in Science. We experimented with our taste buds to find out if expensive food items taste better than their cheaper versions. In partners we chose a food and collected 3 different samples at 3 different prices. We set up tasting stations where other people were blindfolded before tasting our food samples. They had to rate the 3 samples in order of preference without knowing the prices. We recorded the results and presented the data collected on bar graphs. A fair test was extremely important in order to come to a fair conclusion. All food samples were measured accurately and a sip of water was had before each sample was tasted to cleanse the taste buds on the tongue. We tested a wide range of foods and drinks such as chocolate chip cookies, red peppers, sausages, strawberries, popcorn, orange juice, 7up, oranges, noodles, marshmallows, crisps etc. And we came to the conclusion that NO, the most expensive is NOT always the tastiest.


Planting Marigolds in Room 3

We planted marigolds in room 3 and watched them grow! We could see the flowers begin to grow within a few weeks of planting them. Unfortunately, some of the marigolds did not grow. We decided to make a graph to show how many of the flowers grew. We counted 17 flowers that grew and 4 that did not grow. Have a look at us planting the seeds and making our graphs! FullSizeRender
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Stretchy Sock Scientists! – 2nd class

After receiving a letter from a local sports shop, Mr. McCarthy’s and Ms. Dorman’s 2nd classes were set with the task of finding the stretchiest material for new sports socks. We decided to test wool, nylon, cotton and a mix of both cotton and wool. Each sock was measured and, after attaching them to a hook, a weight was placed in each one so that the socks stretched.

It was particularly important that we created a fair test, so we carefully weighed stones, placed the same weight in each sock and hung them from the same height. Once the socks had stretched, we measured their new lengths and after some subtraction calculations, we discovered that nylon was the stretchiest material, with cotton as a close second. Finally, we charted our results on block charts.

Have a look at our video to see our time as stretchy sock scientists!