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1916 Easter Rising Corner


2016 is a very important year in Ireland, as we remember the events of the Easter Rising 100 years ago. Classes in St. Kevin’s will be learning all about the Easter Rising over the next few weeks.

Take a look at the 1916 Easter Rising Corner at the top left of the blog. There are lots of fun things you can try and explore to learn even more about 1916. Here are some of the things you can click into;

  • A Virtual Tour – where you can explore Dublin city now and then through videos, photos and audio files
  • Songs and lyrics – practise, learn or just listen to songs written about the Rising
  • Videos – watch videos explaining all about what happened, including the people and the places
  • 1916 Easter Rising and Dublin Zoo – find out what happened to the animals of Dublin Zoo when the rebellion took place
  • 1916 Easter Rising…and Minecraft?! – watch some cool Minecraft videos of two of the most famous buildings where the Rising took place. Could you build them?

Let us know what you think in the comments. Enjoy!


Exploring the Titanic! – 2nd class


Mr. McCarthy’s 2nd class have been exploring the Titanic in 3D! After researching and sketching their own rooms, they went on a digital scavenger hunt through the mighty ship. Check out the video of our time travelers in action below.

Oh! If you want to explore the Titanic in 3D yourself, click on the picture above. Happy exploring everyone!