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Engineers’ Week Quiz

Collage 2

As Engineers’ week conflicted with Seachtain na Gaeilge and our 1916 celebrations this year, Mr. O’Neill and Mr. McNeice’s classes took part in activities to celebrate it along with Science week. Take a look at the pictures of the classes taking part in an engineering quiz!

6th class and 5th class also built rockets, cup telephones, circuits and coded data for our school science fair! Check out the Science Fair Video on the blog!

Clash of the Spherical Titans! – 2nd class


This week, 2nd class have been working to figure out which ball is the bounciest – a tennis ball, sponge ball, elastic ball, basketball, sliotar or a Gaelic football? With the upcoming Active Week in St. Kevin’s, finding an answer to this question was vital. It is time for the clash of the spherical titans!


We test each ball by placing it at the same height and dropping each one. We make sure not to throw the ball down but instead drop it gently. Once it bounces back up from the ground, we mark the highest height that the rebound reaches on our wall chart. We try to make sure that the balls are roughly the same size. This is to make sure we have a fair test. Afterwards, we marked our results using block graphs.



Can you guess which ball was the bounciest?

Perfect Parachutes !

Ms. Murtagh’s 4th class were learning about air resistance in Science. Air pushes against any object moving through it. This is known as air resistance. We conducted an experiment to investigate which material makes the perfect parachute. The perfect parachute will have the most air resistance pushing it up and will fall the slowest. We used plastic, card and fabric to create 3 different parachutes but we had to examine our variables before beginning. We decided that our controlled variables would be the size and shape of the parachutes, the height of the drop, the object attached to the parachute and the length of string used to attach the object to the parachute. We timed our 3 parachutes falling to the millisecond and the one that fell the slowest was the perfect one! Which material do you think made the perfect parachute?20160415_14033220160415_140547

4th Class Secret Agents!

James Bond needed help from some 4th class secret agents. Last time he was chasing bad guys, he slipped and fell. He couldn’t understand why so it was up to us to show him that he needs to create friction between his shoes and the surface to stop himself from slipping. We used force metres to measure the force needed to move shoes across different surfaces. We had to repeat each measurement three times and find the average to make sure that our findings were accurate. We then drew bar charts to show James Bond that different surfaces need different amounts of force to move the shoes. We found that very little force was needed to move shoes across our tables. So, James, beware of running on tables!