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Construction & Design from 1st Class

Children from Mr. Sheekey’s 1st Class have had their architect’s hard hats on in recent weeks! We learned about St. Kevin’s in the past and how the school has grown in size with each new building.

hard hat

The children were challenged to design, draw and construct a brand new school to fit on the existing site. Some children decided to stick with the current layout, while others opted for a totally different design.


Sacrifices had to be made in some areas – one group even chose to get rid of the staff room to make space for a ‘birthday room’ – a room where all classes could go to and have a party on the day of anyone’s birthday! The poor teachers….

behavior tools

Take a look at some of their amazing plans and constructions in the video below!

2nd class in Space!


Mr. McCarthy’s 2nd class are boldly going where no class have gone before! After learning about the first Moon landing and how the Moon, Earth and Sun move, we did some simple gravity experiments and kept a moon chart diary for 1 week. We even wrote about life on other planets and made our own alien heads with clay! Click on the video to see some of our work. Would you like to travel into space? What would you do on your adventure?

Happy Halloween From Room 13!

image image

Ms. Murtagh’s 4th class LOVE Halloween! Check out our videos. In the first video you will get to see our costumes and our clay ghouls. We were inspired to make these clay ghouls after we read the poem “The Ghoul School Bus” by Brian Moses. In the second video you will see some of us reading out Halloween poems that we wrote ourselves! Happy Halloween from room 13, everyone! Have a fantastic midterm and stay safe on Halloween night!

A Visit to the National Gallery!

Ms. Murtagh’s class were very lucky to visit the National Gallery of Ireland this month.


We had been studying the work of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso and got to see one of his paintings on display in the gallery. It was “Still Life With A Mandolin”. We thought it was brilliant! Some other paintings we saw on the day were “Grief” by Irish artist Jack B.Yeats , “The Village School” by Dutch artist Jan Steen, “The Taking of Christ” by Italian artist Michelangelo Caravaggio, “The Opening of the Sixth Seal” by Irish artist Francis Danby and “The Annunciation” by French artist Jacques Yverni.

We all had a great day and a big thank you to Kate and Kim for coming with us!