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6th Class History Trail

Greystones Trail Photos

For the past few weeks 6th class have been learning about the history of Greystones.

Firstly, we conducted interviews with people in our families who have been living in Greystones for a long time. The following day in class we did KWL charts and saw lots of interesting pictures on

On Thursday, we all went on a walk to St. Crispin’s Cell. We started at our school then walked down by the marina. We continued along the cliff walk towards Bray and then arrived at St. Crispin’s Cell. There, we learned that St. Crispin was the patron saint of shoemakers and the cell that is there now was once a small medieval church. On our way back to school we walked through Redford estate.

When we got back to school, teacher gave us a questionnaire to see how well we knew the history of Greystones. I’m glad to say I answered quite a lot of them!

Overall, we had a fun and interesting time learning about the history of Greystones. Thank you to Ms. Brennan and Mr. O’Neill for bringing us on such a lovely and fun walk.

Written by Abbie S.