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Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents’ Day is an important day in the First Class calender. Every February, the children in first class invite their grandparents to visit our school, look at their artwork and listen to poetry. We had a prayer service where the children sang and prayed to God asking to keep their precious grandparents safe! It was a wonderful opportunity for myself and Mr. Sheekey to meet some Grannies and Granddads that we so often hear of! Thank you to all the wonderful Mums, Dads, Grannies and Granddads that came to visit. Below, are a few photos from the day

World Book Day 2014

We celebrated World Book Day on Friday March 7th! The main aim of World Book Day is to celebrate and share some wonderful stories. In school, we celebrate the day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. Throughout the day, teachers and children shared their favourite books and participated in various activities to instil a love of story in the children. In room 9, we read extracts from our favourite books, created alternative book covers, acted out scenes from well known books and invited fifth class to participate in buddy reading with us!We are currently reading Matilda and we took a tour of “Crunchem Hall Primary School”. It was a great day for all the children and teachers involved!

Ms. Harmon and Ms. Russell’s classes become the school’s youngest scientists

Ms. Harmon and Ms. Russell’s Junior Infant classes became some of the school’s youngest ever scientists when they tested the effect of 7up on raisins. Here is some of their work and pictures of the classes carrying out the experiment.

Wonderful project produced about the experiment from Ms. Harmon’s class.
photo 1

Some of the diagrams created about the experiment.
photo 3

Click on the video above to view more photos

Girl’s Tennis Team Victorious

Last week, the girl’s tennis team had a tough match against Loreto Green and won 2-1.
Our matches started at 2 o’clock. In myself and Danielle’s match, we were down 3-1 but came back to be 7-3 up. Our opponents kept fighting and the score went to 7-6.
We started getting nervous because the other matches were finished so everybody in the clubhouse was watching us. We eventually won 9-6.
After our matches were finished the whole team were tired and enjoyed sitting down for orange juice and a bar of chocolate. It was a great day for the team and the school.

Carla Keenan
5th Class


Science Fair Photos

Here are a selection of photos and videos from Friday’s science fair. We also hope to have the RTÉ News2day video clip up at some point this week.
Once again, a big well done to all the students who took part on the day. It was a great success and it would not have been possible without the great participation shown by every student who visited the hall on the day.

Ms. Kirwan’s Class Get Scientific!

Ms. Kirwan’s class really got in the spirit of Science Week and became scientists themselves. The 2nd class boys and girls carried out three different experiments to really enhance the school’s application for the Discover Primary Science Award.

1) Dancing Raisins- The class carried out a test for floating and sinking. The raisins float to the surface of the bottle due to the bubbles of CO2 in the 7Up. When they reach the surface, the bubbles burst, sending the raisins back to the base of the class.The process is repeated which gives the impression of “Dancing Raisins”

2) Sink or Float- Create a boat
The class made small boats from plasticine and then tested their boats to see if they would sink or float.

3) Tornado in a bottle
Ms. Kirwan showed the class how a tornado works by creating a mini tornado inside two regular 2 litre bottles. So the next time Ireland gets a tornado, make sure to ask Ms. Kirwan’s class about how it happens…

Well done to Ms. Kirwan’s for their excellent scientific work.

Science Fair a Huge Success

science 2

All classes went to see the science fair in the school today. It was a great success and will feature on RTE’s News2day at 4:25 pm. Thanks to all the teachers for helping out and especially to Mr. McNeice and his class who did a huge amount of work preparing for the event. Thanks also to Ms. Hynes for contacting and organising the News2day visit. More pictures and videos of the event will be posted over the coming days.

St. Kevin’s Boys in County Finals

On 26th March we travelled to County Wicklow’s centre of Excellence in Ballinakill, Rathdrum. A week before, we had qualified to represent North Wicklow. We were drawn against Dunlavin NS, Aughrim NS and St. Joseph’s Templerainey. Dunlavin were very strong and they beat us in our first match, but we weren’t affected by the loss and we won our second and third games. We came second in the group and Dunlavin came first.
We had a great time and we’d like to thank Mr. O’Neill and Eamon, the bus driver.
By Gavin O’Shea and David Prendergast