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6th Class Golf

The week before our Easter Holidays, some 6th class students took part in the first round of our school golf competition. It was held in Glen Mill Golf Club and the groups played the first 9 holes of this difficult par 3 course.
The incredibly high standard of golf really impressed and a great afternoon was had by students and teachers alike.
A big thank you to all the students, parents and teachers who took time out of their day to arrange and participate in the event.

Today Mr. McNeice’s 5th class take on the challenge and hope to cause a few upsets on the scorecard.
Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

Wall of fame updated

attendance boy

Our Attendance Wall of Fame notice board has been updated to show all the children in the school that had perfect attendance for the second term. Congratulation to the 173 pupils who received a perfect attendance certificate today. The name of the pupils who haven’t missed a day all year are printed in blue on the wall of fame. Ms. Begg’s class has the best class attendance to date with 98% attendance. Well done boys and girls! I wonder if another class will catch up with you?

welcome back

We would like to welcome everyone back after the Easter break and notice some of the boys and girls even have sun tans from the fine weather. We look forward to bringing you all of our school news during the last term in St. Kevin’s.

Scientific Sue

Mr. McNeice’s science mad 5th class got to experience a real treat yesterday in St. Peter’s School in Bray. Scientific Sue was doing a show all about sound, magnetism and electricity. It was a really enjoyable show for students and teachers alike, with plenty of volunteers needed from the audience at different times (luckily Mr. McNeice was not the teacher they decided to “shoot” towards the end!!). Below are just a few of the highlights and pictures from the show. The class would like to thank Scientific Sue for a wonderfully fun and interactive show and St. Peter’s for being such welcoming and kind hosts. Hopefully St. Kevin’s might get to host Scientific Sue’s shows in the future!!

Master Builders in Mr. Sheekey’s Class

1st Class have been examining different buildings and structures as part of Art class. We looked at shape, pattern, line, balance, materials and interesting features. We then discussed, planned and built our own model using construction toys. We built a mixture of dream houses, hotels, castles, stadia, palaces and statues among other things. Take a look at our video to see our structures coming together and some of our finished buildings.

Room 8 Learn All About Jobs


For the past few weeks, Mr. Sheekey’s class have been interviewing parents about their work as part of Geography. We learned about lots of different jobs such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, psychology, pharmacology, water network repair, videography and law.

We also learned about companies and organisations such as St. Vincent de Paul, The Irish Coast Guard, Barnardos, RTÉ Symphony Orchestra, BT, SIAC Construction, Volkswagen and Dublin Bus.

Many thanks to all of the parents for speaking to the class about their work, showing some cool equipment and answering some very probing questions!