Monthly Archives: September 2014

Class Attendance Awards


Each month we will present the classes (Junior and Senior level) with the best and also the most improved attendance with a trophy. We will display these on our ‘Wall of Fame’ in the school and also post it on our school blog. The winners for the month of September were:

Junior Classes (Junior Infants-2nd Class)
Best Attendance-Ms. Kelly’s Class 98.7%

Senior Classes (3rd-6th Class)
Best Attendance- Mr. McDonnell’s Class 98.6%

‘Question of the Week’ Winners


Congratulations to Ava and Florence from Ms. Murtagh’s class who won this weeks ‘Question of the week’ competition. They correctly identified that the teacher described below was Ms. Murtagh.

1. My favourite food is sushi.

2. I love Roald Dahl.

3. I’ve never eaten a banana.

Will you be the next winner? Make sure you keep an eye on the blog for the ‘Question of the Week’ this week.

‘Post of the Week’ Winner


Congratulations to Ruaidhrí from Mr. McCarthy’s class who won last week’s ‘post of the week,’ which everyone found very funny. His post was:

‘It was fun learning facts about Vikings. I loved it! But I’m glad I’m not a Viking because I get travel sickness.
Check out  the Voki he designed and listen to what he says by clicking on the play button in the top right hand corner of the blog. Next week’s winner could be you, so get posting!