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Personal Shoebox Projects!

Ms.Murtagh’s class have been busy this month getting to know each other and having FUN! We each completed a “Personal Shoebox Project” which really helped us get to know more about each other’s special talents and histories. The project involved filling a shoebox with personal items and telling the class all about them. We realised that we are all unique but that we are similar and connected in many ways!

Check out the video to see parts of our projects.

6th Class Historical Walk

Today Mr. McNeice and Mr. Flynn’s 6th classes did the annual historical walk around Greystones. We saw the monuments that make Greystones memorable such as the train bridge at the end of Rathdown Road and Crispin’s Cell.

The classes discussed the progress Greystones has made in the past 100 years and the engineers which made the Greystones railway and DART line possible.

In class, we found out that the tunnels connecting Greystones to Bray were made with dynamite and researched the history behind the collapse of one of the tunnels.


5th Class Blog – A Day in the Life series

5th class now have their own personal class blog, containing loads of class news, videos and useful websites. Click onto to keep up to date with all our news!

We have also started a documentary series we like to call “A Day in the Life” with various characters we come across. Last week, we met two Celtic families, take a look and see what you think. Apologies for the sound qualities, we had some technical issues which we will have fixed by the next episode.

Amazing Athletes

Well done to our amazing team of athletes who took part in the Wicklow Schools Invitational Cross  Country relays in Avondale on Monday 21st Sept.  32 athletes left the school and 32 returned with medals!! This is an incredible achievement in a very competitive competition!  Well done to the children of St. Kevin’s and the parents who helped them to be so talented and determined.  Thank you to the following parents for helping on the day – Alan, Amanda, Orla, Vicky, Breda, Aideen and Pauline.  The athletes were 3rd class – Daniel Connerty, Tom Mc Carthy, Ben Kay, Max Moody, Ella Maher, Sarah Hayes, Kate Watson, Tara Casey  4th Class – Jack Ward, Saul Sweeney, Lucas du Preez, Andrew Bartlett, Emily O’ Reilly, Lucy Jones, Caoimhe Swan, Keela Leddy 5th class Dylan Maher, Finn Fogarty, Ed Nicholson, Colin O’ Shea, Eimear Ryan, Louise O’ Riordan, Cara Donovan, Emma Casey 6th class Jamesw Nicholson, Joseph Prendergast, Darragh Rush, Colm Shortt, Molly Crowe, Keela Keogh, Sophie Dallaghan, Rebecca Leahy

Pictures to follow…

September Middle Assembly

Assembly for Middle Classes (1st-3rd Class & Room 26) takes place next Friday. The winners of our ‘Best Attendance’ award will be announced and we will hear news from each class.

We hope Ireland do well in the Rugby World Cup! Click play below to practise your song for next week.


Come the day and come the hour
Come the power and the glory
We have come to answer our country’s call
From the four proud provinces of Ireland

Ireland, Ireland

Together standing tall
Shoulder to shoulder
We’ll answer Ireland’s call

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Max and the Giant Beanstalk


Hisilicon K3

Max from Ms. Trihy’s class brought home a teeny tiny sprouting seed from Ms Dorman’s class last year and told his family it was a runner bean plant. He watered it and took great care of it and as it began to get taller and taller he decided to put it in a large pot so that its roots would spread out and be able to support the growing stem.

You will see from the photo above  just how big it has grown and Max is immensely proud of it. His Nanna helped him build a bamboo support after the metal support  proved to be too small after the summertime growth.