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4th Class Perform ‘Alice in Wonderland’

On Thursday, Ms. Brennan’s 4th class performed a musical version of Alice in Wonderland. This class proved what a talented bunch they are with their fantastic acting, singing and dancing. The show was a resounding success and we raised a whopping €320 for The Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

On Friday, we donated the money the Greystone’s branch of S.V.P. and the manager said that the money would go towards helping families in need.

We celebrated our success with an ice cream and some questionable singing – enjoy the videos!

(P.S. We would like to say a big thank you to our parents for helping with the costumes, learning the lines, taking photos and donating money on the day).


trim.40C09EF4-BE74-492C-9DE8-858490E20451 (Pig and Pepper Video)

Question of the Week – ‘How many?!’

Balls & Hurley2

The Sports Days for all classes will be coming up very soon and everyone in St. Kevin’s needs to be prepared for all the fun games!

This week, we are asking you to guess the total number of Gaelic footballs and hurleys in the St. Kevin’s P.E. equipment room!

Take your time and think about your answer. Remember, the winner gets a night off written homework. Good luck everyone!

Nuacht Rang 4

Seo é nuacht na seachtaine dar le rang 4. Bainigí sult as!