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Question of the Week – ‘Caption the Picture!’

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Halloween is finally upon us and there are all sorts of ghosts, ghouls and creatures around! Some of the pets are even joining in!

This week, we are looking for the best caption for the picture above. A caption is a funny and creative comment or title connected to a picture. Have a look at our example below to give you ideas.

The person who thinks of the funniest and most creative caption will earn themselves a written homework pass and have their photo on the blog! Think carefully and post your answer in the comments below. Best of luck all spooky students!

Ron shoes

The Blogger of all recounts!

Miss Kelly’s fifth class have been busy learning about the genre of Recount Writing this term. As our final project to show what we have learnt, our class had the opportunity to write their very own recount. Here are our winning blogs written by Andrew Duggan, Saoirse King and Molly Lamson.

Andrew’s Blog – This is my blog about making chocolate bars on Roald Dahl day hope you enjoy.IMG_5377

Molly’s Blog – We had great fun making the chocolate bars! I hope you enjoy my blog and have  a great Halloween!

Saoirse’s Blog – I hope all of St.Kevins had an awesome Roald Dahl day, just like me!