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Up Down Funky Walk!

The children in St. Kevin’s are learning a dance and rap as part of Healthy Mind Healthy Body Week. Thanks to Belinda for all of her hard work so far! We are going to perform the dance as a whole school on Friday after our sponsored walk. Watch this space!

Here is a video of Junior Infants practising their moves!

Question of the Week – ‘5 Word Weather!’


Summer is finally here!…well, we think! The weather has been a little unusual!

This week, we are asking you to describe the weather in a sentence with only 5 words.

You are only allowed to use 5 words, no more no less! For example, if it was very sunny, your answer could be “Even Mr. Sun needs sunglasses!” The funnier and wittier it is, the better!

Take your time and write a short and funny weather forecast. Choose weather from last week or on the day you are posting your comment. Remember, the winner gets a night off written homework. Good luck everyone!

6th Class Retreat to Glendalough

Mr. O’Neill’s 6th class travelled to their pre Confirmation retreat in Glendalough this week. While there, Fr. Michael Rodgers brought them from the visitor centre to St. Kevin’s church, the Round Tower and finally to the church ruins near St. Kevin’s Bed where the pupils’ pledges regarding drugs and alcohol were presented and burned. The beautiful weather and stunning scenery contributed to a marvellous day for all.023 026 027 029 031 032 038021 005 048

Trip to Glasnevin Cemetery

6th class recently enjoyed a very informative trip to Glasnevin Cemetery. They got to visit the graves of some of the most influential people in Irish history, such C.S. Parnell, Daniel O’Connell, O’Donovan Rossa, Éamon de Valera and Michael Collins. They had a great day and would like to thank our tour guides in Glasnevin and the parents who accompanied us on the trip.

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Question of the Week – ‘How many?’



May is a special month as all 2nd classes will have their First Holy Communion ceremonies. All 3 classes have been working very hard! Ms Harmon and Ms O’Hara’s 2nd classes will be celebrating their First Holy Communion this week in the Holy Rosary Church in Greystones. We wish them the very best of luck for it and hope they have a fantastic day!

For this week’s ‘Question of the Week’, we are asking you to guess how many pieces of artwork will be on display in the Holy Rosary Church in Greystones on Saturday?

The student with the closest guess will earn themselves a written homework pass. Think carefully about your answer. Best of luck everyone!