A Visit to the National Gallery!

Ms. Murtagh’s class were very lucky to visit the National Gallery of Ireland this month.


We had been studying the work of Spanish artist Pablo Picasso and got to see one of his paintings on display in the gallery. It was “Still Life With A Mandolin”. We thought it was brilliant! Some other paintings we saw on the day were “Grief” by Irish artist Jack B.Yeats , “The Village School” by Dutch artist Jan Steen, “The Taking of Christ” by Italian artist Michelangelo Caravaggio, “The Opening of the Sixth Seal” by Irish artist Francis Danby and “The Annunciation” by French artist Jacques Yverni.

We all had a great day and a big thank you to Kate and Kim for coming with us!

12 thoughts on “A Visit to the National Gallery!

  1. It was great going to the Gallery!!
    My favourite part was when I saw a sigh it said “For Heavens sake 🙂 ” it was funny because the boys were singing a crazy song!( The sign wasn’t in the Gallery it was at a church that we passed :-).)

  2. I had great fun at the National Gallery!
    My favourite paintings were…..all of them!
    If I had to pick it would be ‘Grief’, because it was very nice and colourful and you had to look really carefully to try and figure it out!! It was really COOL! I also loved Pablo Picasso, ‘A Still Life with A Mandolin’. It’s a very different style to all the other paintings. The gallery is being renovated at the moment, but there are loads of paintings from different times in art history still on show. It’s a really beautiful building and very modern.

    Thankyou sooooooooo much Ms.Murthagh for taking us to the National Gallery!!!And also thank you Kim and Mummy for helping!

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