Anti-Bullying Month Begins


Our anti-bullying month started in the school today. Assemblies were held for all classes to inform the children of the purpose of the month. Each child was given an anti-bullying code badge (ABC)  and are asked to wear it for the month of November. Throughout the month, teachers will be doing lessons on physical, verbal, social and cyber bullying.

Our anti-bullying code is:

  1. Stay calm & look confident
  2. Speak loudly and firmly
  3. Don’t be mean back
  4. Get away
  5. Tell an adult

Keep an eye on the school blog for more anti-bullying posts.

17 thoughts on “Anti-Bullying Month Begins

  1. If I ever get bullied I will stay calm and look confident.
    I will speak loudly and firmly.
    I will not be mean back.
    I will get away.
    I will tell an adult.

  2. Bullying is a horrible thing. I have never been bullied and I hope I never will be and I don’t see why people bully others anyway, what’s in it for them?

  3. I’ve just seen Alex’s comment and I totally agree with her. It’s terrible so thanks for teaching them about bullying at a small age.

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