Stretchy Sock Scientists! – 2nd class

After receiving a letter from a local sports shop, Mr. McCarthy’s and Ms. Dorman’s 2nd classes were set with the task of finding the stretchiest material for new sports socks. We decided to test wool, nylon, cotton and a mix of both cotton and wool. Each sock was measured and, after attaching them to a hook, a weight was placed in each one so that the socks stretched.

It was particularly important that we created a fair test, so we carefully weighed stones, placed the same weight in each sock and hung them from the same height. Once the socks had stretched, we measured their new lengths and after some subtraction calculations, we discovered that nylon was the stretchiest material, with cotton as a close second. Finally, we charted our results on block charts.

Have a look at our video to see our time as stretchy sock scientists!

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