Friends Again At Last!

20151118_113341Spuddy and Grumble were great friends… Until their healthy rugby rivalry turned into something more serious!


MyCollage_5After allegations of bullying, Mr. McCarthy’s 2nd Class and Mr. Sheekey’s 1st Class got together to find out what really happened and to help them sort out their silly fight.

We are glad to report that Spuddy and Grumble have kissed and made up and are now back to being best buddies once again. They wrote letters to each other explaining what had really happened and apologised for being mean. Thank goodness for that!!MyCollage_4

We’re glad we nipped this in the bud because it could easily have turned into bullying! Remember to follow our ABC at all times.

St. Kevin’s ABC (Anti-Bullying Code)

  1. Stay calm & look confident
  2. Speak loudly and firmly
  3. Don’t be mean back
  4. Get away
  5. Tell an adult



7 thoughts on “Friends Again At Last!

  1. I’m delighted Grumble and Spuddie are best friends again. I could tell that they missed each other. Even best of friends can have a fight, but it’s important to make up,say sorry and shake hands. Mr. Vance

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