Question of the Week – ‘What’s the score…?!’


The P.E. hall in St. Kevin’s has been home to many fierce rivalries and competitions. None of these matches, however, have been more competitive than Mr. McNeice versus Mr. O’Neill in table tennis!

This week, we are asking you to watch the video below and guess what the final score of the match was for both Mr. McNeice and Mr. O’Neill!

You have until Friday morning of next week to enter. The student with the closest answer gets a night off written homework! Good luck everyone!

20 thoughts on “Question of the Week – ‘What’s the score…?!’

    1. Congratulations Megan! You were the closest, with the actual answer being Mr. O’Neill – 21; Mr McNeice – 23! Well done, you’ve earned a homework pass!

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