Question of the Week – ‘Puzzling numbers!’


Calling all Maths cowgirls and cowboys! This week’s ‘Question of the Week’ will have you scratching your heads (and hats!) trying to figure it out!

We are asking you to look carefully at the pictures and sums above. Each picture stands for a special number and you can only discover them by using the sum!

This week, we’re looking for the first person with the correct answer to the final sum. The lucky winner will earn themselves a homework pass! Think carefully and post your answer in the comments below. The correct answer and lucky winner will be revealed on Friday 21st October. Good luck everyone!


54 thoughts on “Question of the Week – ‘Puzzling numbers!’

  1. you do 10+10+10=30
    And then 10+4+4=18
    After that you take 2 away from 4 and that gives you 2
    Finally you use all your information to give you 48

  2. I think the answer is 21. Because the horse is 10, the horseshoe are two each, and the boots are one each. So that makes 21 because 2×10 is 20 and then we can add one for the boot, so 21!!

  3. I got 21 ! Here’s how I got it: for the horses I guessed they are each worth 10 because 30 into 3 is 10 . For the next sum it is 10 plus 4 horseshoes . 4 into 8 is 2 so each horseshoe is worth 2. In the third sum its 4 – 2 boots = 2. So every boot is worth 1. For the last sum it is 1 plus 10 by 2 . You start with the multiplication and the answer is 20 . Add 1 is 21!!!!!

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