Question of the Week – ‘Caption the Picture!’


The Science Fair is taking place in St. Kevin’s this week! Some of the pets are even joining in!

This week, we are looking for the best caption for the picture above. A caption is a funny and creative comment or title connected to a picture. Have a look at our example below to give you ideas.

The person who thinks of the funniest and most creative caption will earn themselves a written homework pass! Think carefully and post your answer in the comments below. Best of luck!

Ron shoes

15 thoughts on “Question of the Week – ‘Caption the Picture!’

  1. Silly me wrong potion that’s lava ahh survey it can’t make a difference GULP this experiment is ruff ahhhhhh hot hot

  2. This is called a cup of tea. Apparently adult humans drink this. Can you believe that? At least they don’t have to eat the food I’m given

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