43 thoughts on “Room 8 Scientists!

  1. I love the first photo. Well done everyone on your experiment. Thanks for putting it on the blog. If you were to do the experiment again would you change anything? Mr. Vance

      1. That’s interesting Hollie as a few other children said that they would add less blue. Maybe you could do the experiment again with some adding more blue and some children adding less. Science is all about experimenting Hollie. Mr. Vance

    1. It was great to see how many colours we used in the experiment we did. It was a beautiful experiment Mr. Vance.

  2. Thanks Mr.Vance, If I was going to change anything I would put more blue food colouring in. From Jake

  3. I would put in more blue because the blue and red didnt mix enough for a good purple.

    The experiment was lots of fun.

  4. This was a really fun experiment. We left the experiment overnight and when we came in the next day, all the colours had appeared. My favourite colour was blue.

  5. Wow that was so much fun to do but we needed to put in more blue and the video said to leave it set for two hours but you get better results overnight.

  6. I really enjoyed the experiment.. maybe we needed more blue. I can’t wait to do more science experiments!

  7. It was great fun! I would add a little bit more blue too next time but the colours are pretty.

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