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4th class ‘Animal Habitats’ project!

We’ve been learning all about different animal habitats in 4th class. Ocean, jungle, arctic, woodlands…you name it, we’ve got it covered! Each group got to research facts and information on their chosen topic. We then worked together to create these eye-catching posters. The best part was that we got to present our projects to the class and tell them all that we had learned. Take a look! IMG_4585IMG_4581IMG_4595IMG_4607IMG_4641IMG_4645IMG_4629IMG_4636IMG_4651

A busy week for 4th class in Room 10!

This week, we put our tallying skills to good use! We each came up with our own survey topics and got the chance to ask each other lots of questions; What is your favourite type of animal? What superpower would you choose if you were a superhero? What is your favourite hobby? Who is your favourite singer/band? We then turned our gathered data into colourful bar graphs and bar line graphs. It was so much fun!

Halloween has also been creeping into our classroom early. We learned all about Picasso and created our very own Picasso style self-portraits. They turned out pretty creepy! Do you think they look like us? IMG_4062IMG_4067IMG_4079IMG_4087IMG_4091