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Perfect Parachutes !

Ms. Murtagh’s 4th class were learning about air resistance in Science. Air pushes against any object moving through it. This is known as air resistance. We conducted an experiment to investigate which material makes the perfect parachute. The perfect parachute will have the most air resistance pushing it up and will fall the slowest. We used plastic, card and fabric to create 3 different parachutes but we had to examine our variables before beginning. We decided that our controlled variables would be the size and shape of the parachutes, the height of the drop, the object attached to the parachute and the length of string used to attach the object to the parachute. We timed our 3 parachutes falling to the millisecond and the one that fell the slowest was the perfect one! Which material do you think made the perfect parachute?20160415_14033220160415_140547

Amazing Triangles by Ms. Russell’s First Class Rm. 9

We investigated pyramids and cubes. We discovered that pyramids are stronger structures than cubes. They are more sturdy and can hold up weight. We then looked at famous buildings that have triangles and pyramids. Watch out for these amazing triangles in the environment!!

Amazing Triangles 029
Amazing Triangles 001 Amazing Triangles 002 Amazing Triangles 003 Amazing Triangles 005 Amazing Triangles 006 Amazing Triangles 007 Amazing Triangles 008 Amazing Triangles 009 Amazing Triangles 011 Amazing Triangles 012 Amazing Triangles 013 Amazing Triangles 014 Amazing Triangles 015 Amazing Triangles 016 Amazing Triangles 018 Amazing Triangles 019 Amazing Triangles 020 Amazing Triangles 021 Amazing Triangles 022 Amazing Triangles 023 Amazing Triangles 024 Amazing Triangles 025 Amazing Triangles 026 Amazing Triangles 027 Amazing Triangles 028
Constructions are made stronger with triangles.

Science Fair a Huge Success

science 2

All classes went to see the science fair in the school today. It was a great success and will feature on RTE’s News2day at 4:25 pm. Thanks to all the teachers for helping out and especially to Mr. McNeice and his class who did a huge amount of work preparing for the event. Thanks also to Ms. Hynes for contacting and organising the News2day visit. More pictures and videos of the event will be posted over the coming days.

May the force be with you!

pull donkey

Ms. Murtagh’s 4th class have been very busy learning all about energy and forces. We use forces all the time. When something is stretched, a pull force is used. When something is squashed, a push force is used. We investigated how to measure pull forces. We learned that you can measure a pull force using a Newton meter. Newton meters tell you how much force it takes to make something move and they look like this….


We also explored the effect of friction on movement. Friction is a force that slows things down or makes it difficult to move things. We learned that the rougher the surface, the more friction there will be.

We had fun experimenting in groups and are currently designing and making our own Marble Runs for a class competition!


forces rang 4